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Lowes Return Policy

How To Return Items to Lowe’s

  • Check the Return Policy: Before attempting to return anything, ensure your item is eligible for return. Lowe’s generally has a 90-day return policy for most items, but there can be exceptions. For example, some items like outdoor power equipment might have a shorter return period or additional restrictions.
  • Find Your Receipt: Locate your proof of purchase. This can be the physical or digital receipt you received when you made your purchase. If you can’t find your receipt, Lowe’s may be able to look it up in their system if you have the credit card you used for the purchase or your MyLowe’s card.
  • Pack the Item: Safely package the item you want to return. Ideally, this should be in the original packaging, especially for items that are delicate or need to be kept intact. Include all original components, manuals, and packaging material.
  • Complete the Return Form: If your item was delivered and you are planning to return it via mail, you might need to complete a return form that came with your order. If you don’t have this form, you can find it on Lowe’s website Lowes.com/Returns.
  • Ask for a Receipt: When returning an item, especially in-store, make sure to get a return confirmation receipt. This is your proof that the item has been returned and is especially important if there are any issues with your return.
  • Refund Processing: Once your return is accepted, your refund will be processed. It can take several days for a refund to appear, depending on your bank’s processing time. The refund will typically be issued to your original form of payment.
  • Track Your Return: If you’ve mailed your return, keep an eye on its delivery status via the tracking number provided. Once it’s received, monitor your bank or credit card statements to ensure the refund is processed in a timely manner.
  • Contact Customer Service: If there are any issues with your return, or you haven’t received a refund within the expected timeframe, reach out to Lowe’s customer service for assistance.


Choose the Return Method

  • In-Store: The quickest way to return an item is by visiting a Lowe’s store. Bring your item, the credit card used (if applicable), and the receipt. Go to the customer service desk and inform them that you want to make a return.
  • Mail: If your item was shipped to you, you could often return it by mail. If this method is available, you’ll need to print a shipping label from the Lowe’s website, then pack your item and drop it off at the carrier’s location. Ensure you track the package to confirm Lowe’s receives it.

Lowe's Return Policy online

Products from Lowe’s with a 30-Day Return Policy

  • Major Appliances: This category includes refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers, etc. These larger investments typically have stricter return policies due to their size, installation, and potential for significant wear and tear.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment: Items such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators, pressure washers, etc., often have shorter return periods due to their heavy-duty nature and the likelihood of them being used extensively soon after purchase.
  • Liquid Paint: Once paint is tinted or mixed, it can’t be restocked, so many retailers like Lowe’s shorten the return window.
  • Electronics: This can include items like smart thermostats, security cameras, or other home automation devices. Technology products often have a shorter return window because they can become outdated quickly, and their condition can degrade with use.
  • Trailers: Due to their size and the potential for heavy use, trailers might have a shorter return period.
  • Product Samples: Items like carpet or wallpaper samples might have a shorter return window since they are meant for short-term use to aid in purchasing decisions. Lowes.com/Returns

How Long is the Return Period for Lowe’s Products?

For instance, big appliances may have a 30-day return time, while other items like liquid paint, outdoor power equipment, and some home automation systems may have shorter return windows or other criteria. Gift cards, product samples, and things offered as “final sale” are a few other items that could not be returnable. Lowes.com/Returns


  • What is Lowe’s’ typical return policy?

Most new, unused items can be returned to Lowe’s within 90 days after purchase provided you have the receipt, the confirmation of your online order, or the MyLowe’s card that was used to make the purchase.

  • Do any goods with a shorter return policy?

Yes, there may be a 30-day return period for some things including large appliances, outdoor power equipment, and liquid paint. It’s recommended to check the receipt or Lowe’s return policy online for item-specific return information because other specific goods or categories can also have different return policies.

  • Is it possible to return products without a receipt?

Lowe’s can often confirm transactions made using a credit card or a MyLowe’s card even if you don’t have a receipt. Without a receipt, Lowe’s may nevertheless accept the return for the lowest selling price in the form of a product credit if the transaction cannot be validated.


The ability to return items without a receipt for transactions that can be validated using a MyLowe’s card or the original credit card demonstrates an appreciation for the convenience and demands of the consumer. The one-year plant guarantee’s clause allowing plants to be returned within that timeframe further demonstrates Lowe’s commitment to product quality and enduring client relationships.

The ability to return things for online purchases by mail or in-person offers another level of convenience and caters to the diverse preferences of online customers.

Customers must be informed of the policy’s contents, including any restocking costs, requirements for products that require special handling, and the condition of the returned item (new and unused). It’s also essential to keep track of the various return deadlines for specific items.

Customers should also be aware that return policies might vary due to changes in the market, consumer feedback, and corporate policy. For the most up-to-date information on return policies, it is thus always advised to visit Lowe’s official website or get in touch with their customer care before making a return. This proactive approach guarantees adherence to the most recent regulations and aids in making the return procedure as seamless as possible.